Welcome co-creators. Before we begin our journey together I would like to ask you a few questions…

Have you ever made a decision you regretted?

Have you ever wondered if that decision led you away from your true destiny?

Have you ever wondered what could have happened if you would have said yes instead of no? Turned left instead of right?

I believe we have all pondered these questions at some point in our lives. I know I have.

You see, at the age of 17 I made a reckless decision that shook my world to the core, launching me off the tracks and into a state of darkness.

My negligent actions that led to death and destruction had me trapped inside a self inflicted maze with no way out.

I realized I had two options, succumb to fact that I was forever trapped and damaged beyond repair or earn my freedom by finding the hidden treasure buried within the wreckage I had created.

I have dedicated my life to discovering ways to dismantle limiting beliefs that perpetuate the cycle of struggle.

More importantly, I have discovered an innate power that lies dormant within all of us.

We all possess the ability to expand from our own negative experiences and turn them into personal assets of self empowerment, which can ultimately be used to serve others.

I will share with you how I reached for something great and grasped something greater than I ever imagined.

This site is dedicated to sharing the powerful tools that will assist you in expanding your consciousness and realigning with who you truly are…joy and love.

Thank you for being a co-creator in this magnificent paradigm shift.

Coming Soon…the novel, The Disheveled King