Who Did You Think Needed to Be Loved?


Hello friends. I am sharing my thoughts with anyone who gravitates towards these words. Retiring unusually early on the night of the 2016 Presidential election for some well needed rest, it wasn’t until early the next morning that I discovered who was elected our new president. Upon realizing it was in fact Donald J Trump, I took a few minutes to let it all sink in, and after allowing an array of mixed emotions to flow through me, it suddenly all became crystal clear. This historic day was not about who I liked or disliked. It was not a time to let fear and negativity run rampant. Nor was it a time to gloat and brag. Instead of promoting division which seemed to be the mainstream media’s primary focus, I chose to turn towards unity by gracefully accepting the outcome, and asking myself how I could be of service.

Now, here we are, a little over one week since the election, and still many cities across America are filled with violence and unrest. Thousands of frustrated protestors have taken to the streets where emotions seem to range from sorrow and disbelief to anger and fear. Although I can certainly empathize and understand the many concerns pertaining to the well-being of our country, let’s face the facts: Trump won the electoral vote, and in doing so won the election. Therefore, I am choosing to move forward with a positive attitude, not because I am necessarily pleased with the results, but because it serves no great purpose to moan and complain.

From my perspective, the very best thing any of us can do is to help our new President. That’s right, help him. I want to help him to help us! In order for our great country and all of its citizens to flourish, Trump will have to become the best version of himself that he has ever known. I see this as a positive thing. Trump has the tremendous opportunity to bring the best out in himself by serving others on a massive scale. I am well aware that this is a tall order, and that is why it is going to take ALL of us to help him shine.

The way I see it, he can go one of two ways. He can either let his ego get the best of him and introduce more fear and hatred into our society, or he can rise to the occasion by opening his heart and mind and ultimately bring our country to a new level of well-being.


So the question still remains, how do we help him?

I am sure there are many individuals who will think my answer is too esoteric, or woo-woo, as some like to call us Californians. To be perfectly honest, I really don’t care because I know it works. The answer is Love. I am not talking about ‘rainbows’ and ‘unicorns’ love; I am talking about the omnipresent power of Love.

Not everyone seems to share my enthusiastic perspective. Several people have asked me how could I possibly suggest that everyone align themselves with President-elect Trump and his agenda.

Allow me to be perfectly clear, this is NOT what I am suggesting. On the contrary, what I am suggesting is that we all align with our OWN higher self and then send our new President all of the love and positive energy that we can possibly muster. Understandably, this has been a difficult concept to grasp for some individuals. This is because they have been conditioned to look at the world through a fragmented lens which projects a reality of division. A reality that points fingers and says, “Those people are different from you and me. We are good, they are bad.” Ironically, it is this “US” vs “THEM” mentality where the real danger lies.

When you despise someone and view them as an enemy, you are observing them through an illusionary screen that separates and divides, but when you observe through the lens of whole awareness, you realize you are simply looking at a different version of yourself. This is because at the deepest level we are all the same. Literally, we all come from the same source energy, just different expressions of it.


I am not saying that evil does not exist, nor am I immune to the horrors of the world. There are many things that make me cringe, such as hatred, cruelty, jealousy, and a host of other lower vibrational energies that people express. However, when I am confronted with such ugliness, I stop and ask myself the question, “Well, Danny, who did you think needed to be loved?”

You see, when we care enough about keeping ourselves aligned with Source Energy, we love everyone, even those we deem as evil and repulsive. We love them, not because they are worthy, but because we love ourselves enough to remain in vibrational harmony with the Source of Love. This is the key: when you love because you are a lover,  you love because that is who you are, not because of external circumstances. In this inner state of being you are the master of yourself; the creator of your reality.

I cannot stress the importance of this enough. Love is the ultimate power, and therefore, the optimal solution to all conflict. Unfortunately, we have been conditioned to reserve our love for those we call “good” and to withhold it from those we call “bad”. dsc02823-2We mistakenly believe that we are punishing the “bad” by cutting them off, but in actuality, all we are doing is cutting ourselves off from our own stream of well-being. This behavior is like taking poison and expecting the other person to die from it. Do you see the flaw?

Perhaps there is another solution. I assert that If we all just take a few minutes out of our day, in whatever way we choose, whether that be meditation, positive thinking, or good old fashion prayer, and send our new President and his entire staff love and light, I am certain it will help us all. Let’s help them shine. In order to do so, however, we must be honest with ourselves during this crucial turning point. We must ask ourselves the question, “Do I want to be someone who harbors negativity and pessimism, or someone who transmits love and light to all who need it?” Choose wisely.

As I conclude this article, I must mention that although we may not know for certain where our great nation is headed, I am confident that if we rely upon the human spirit, our collective mass consciousness, and our alignment with love we will reach the most favorable destination possible. Personally, I find this extremely comforting, and it is my belief that the path to peace, prosperity, and overall well-being can be found by using the following sentence as a mantra: I LOVE because I am a LOVER and therefore, I love EVERYONE.

If we can do that, our world becomes a fearless one that shines no matter who is in office. Each individual must choose for himself. I am choosing to help our new President align with his higher self by sending him the most positive thoughts and energy I possibly can. I only hope you will do the same.

~Daniel Pape


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