Are Psychics & Mediums against Your Religion?

As the senior writer for Spiritual Biz Magazine, my articles tend to revolve around esoteric and controversial subjects. We have all heard the saying, “It’s not a good idea to discuss politics or religion while in the presence of company.” Although I can appreciate the good intention behind a peaceful, non-controversial chat, I disagree with the approach.

I find that too often the general public keeps their conversation at an elementary level as not to disrupt the fragile belief systems of others. From my perspective, we are doing more damage by “dumbing down” our verbiage than we would by causing each other to re-examine our beliefs with the use of intelligent dialogue. No doubt, the very idea of “dumbing down” is, well …dumb. I mean, what’s the point of being an adult if we are not capable of having adult conversations?

In my line of work, I communicate every week with individuals who possess extraordinary abilities. These include psychics, clairvoyants, channelers, empaths, mediums, etc. I am pleased to report that we are beginning to see a global shift where hundreds of millions of people are not only recognizing the value of these extraordinary qualities in others but are becoming aware that they exist within themselves as well. 

What I find astonishing, however, is that there are just as many people, if not more, who tend to demonize the individuals who possess these extraordinary powers. Interestingly enough, in most cases, the very same people who look down upon the intuitive qualities of others, claim to be the most religious. Many of these self-proclaimed “religious” individuals scorn those who choose to find their divine spark internally rather than the external methods promoted by organized religion.

I think it is worth pointing out the origin of the word “religion”. It dates back to the beginning of the 1st century BC and comes from the latin root word “Religio”, “Re” meaning again and “Ligio” meaning to connect. Therefore, the word religion means to reconnect. It was known as the proper inner practice of obtaining communion with the gods. So in essence, religion is the inward practice of reconnecting with Divine Source Energy.

I find it ironic that when a medium or psychic practices this inner devotion to spiritual communication, we often hear the self-proclaimed religious individual say, “Those people are part of a cult and that stuff is against my religion.” Yet, in many cases, when we examine this religion that they claim to be so devoted to, we find that its core message is founded upon the very aforementioned esoteric qualities they oppose.

Let’s take Christianity for example. As a young man, I was raised Catholic and feel truly fortunate to have had an upbringing that was enveloped in the teachings of Jesus Christ. However, as I grew older, I craved more knowledge and began to explore the origins behind His teachings of love and light.

This prompted me to spend several years attending weekly lectures on the ancient wisdom of Gnosticism, Hermeticism, Enoch, and the lost teachings of Jesus. The more sincere I became in my studies, the more I began to understand the true meaning of Universal Christ Consciousness.

By now I am sure that most of us are aware that Jesus Christ’s last name was not Christ. The “Christ” represents the divine consciousness that Jesus embodied. The more we study His journey, the more we become aware of not only the miraculous deeds that Jesus performed for others but of His mastery of Christ Consciousness that He developed through the use of His own divine spark.

In Jesus’ own words, He tells us that we are capable of much more than simply following Him. His message reveals that if we open our hearts and align with love, we are capable of connecting with the Christ Consciousness within ourselves.

We find this message here in John 14:12, “Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do, because I am going to the Father.”

It is clear that Jesus is telling us that whoever truly believes in His message of love is capable of raising their own vibratory rate into Christ Consciousness. Obviously, this is not an easy task and requires supreme devotion, but it is, never the less, our divine right to strive for this consciousness if we so desire.

Several mainstream religions, however, have long preached that we are not capable of achieving such a miraculous task on our own. Therefore, we’re told to refrain from attempting contact with the spirit world without the aid of a priest, playing the role of a medium. 

It seems we have now come full circle, because, after all, a spiritual medium is simply someone who translates non-local vibrational frequency. Each and every one of us is doing this exact thing to some small degree every day of our lives. Thus, when we dedicate ourselves and take the proper steps of aligning our intentions with love, we are capable of reaching miraculous levels of communication with various esoteric densities.

I feel that I must stress this point again and would be behaving recklessly if I did otherwise: it is of paramount importance to first align ourselves with the vibration of love before attempting communication with any type of non-local entity. This is due to the fact that we always attract what matches our own vibrational frequency. So be aware of the content of your thoughts and feelings prior to any form of communication, whether that be non-local or local for that matter.

Let’s face it, there are positive and negative energies everywhere. So it is understandable that some people are opposed to associating with people who communicate with spirits, such as psychics and mediums, but we must not forget that spirit permeates all of us. So perhaps, the next time someone tells you that talking to spirits is against their religion, you may want to gently remind them that we are all spirits, therefore, every time they are having a conversation with someone, they are in fact talking to a spirit on a common, local level.

The solution, therefore, is not to refrain from communicating with spirits, the solution is to master your spiritual communicative abilities. This is exactly what dedicated psychics and mediums do. Their keen awareness to vibrational frequency makes them capable of communicating on several levels, which in turn allows them to connect with spirits in multiple non-local densities.

All throughout history, these intuitive individuals were revered as gifted beings, thus, every king had his seer. It wasn’t until organized religions began to feel threatened that psychics and mediums became outcasts.

So, you see, the esoteric art of channeling was never the real issue. The real issue was that the church hierarchy sensed they were losing control of the masses. Hence, they engrained in us the bogus belief that medium activity was evil, unless of course, a priest performed it for you. A bit hypocritical, don’t you think?

Instead of demonizing and denying our innate spiritual powers, perhaps we can learn to embrace and ultimately master them. In doing so, we become the conscious creators we are all meant to be. We see an example of this in Luke 17:20–21, “The kingdom of God is within you.”

Clearly, Jesus is telling us to look for God within ourselves. Yet, even with all of these ancient scriptures guiding us to look inward for love, we have these misguided religious leaders continuously trying to persuade us to look outside of ourselves. What’s even worse is that if anyone attempts to align with Christ Consciousness through any means other than organized religion, they are accused of cult like behavior.

And what is a cult? According to the dictionary, it is, “a system of religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister.” I don’t know about you, but I feel that a religion that kills and slaughters people to promote its beliefs, certainly qualifies for first place when it comes to strange and sinister practices. Interestingly enough, when we examine the religions who have committed the most sinister acts upon humanity, we find that the Protestants, Catholics, Muslims, and Christians lead the way.

Here is the data. The Thirty Year War between the Protestants and Catholics has an estimated death toll between 3,000,000 and 11,500,000, an astounding 2% of the world’s population at that time (1618-1648). The French Wars of Religion, which occurred between 1562 and 1598, also between the Protestants and Catholics, took the lives of 2,000,000 – 4,000,000 people. Lastly, the Crusades, 1095-1291 between the Muslims and Christians consumed anywhere from 1,000,000 to 3,000,000 lives. Again, a shocking 2% of the world’s population at the time. When we add up the total from these three wars alone, we have over 18 million people who died in the name of religion. 

It has become painfully obvious that mainstream religions are not exempt from being cults. In fact, we can now see that they are amongst some of the most prominent to date. Do not fret though, the core message of most mainstream religions is intact, and that message is LOVE. The problem does not reside in the message. The problem is, and always has been the hypocritical behavior of religious leaders and followers who have strayed from this core message of love.

Clearly, religions who teach their followers to love only the individuals they deem worthy of love, according to their rules, are flawed. And as I conclude this article, I’d like to propose that we begin to use religion how it was intended to be used. To help its devoted followers reconnect and nurture their own divine spark into its fullest expression of love, thus, becoming conscious enough to recognize that love in everything and everyone.

~Daniel Pape

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