Does Your Family Disapprove of Your Spiritual Path?

I am writing and dedicating this article to all the spiritual entrepreneurs around the world who have found the courage to follow their path in spite of having disapproving family members.

You are not alone.

Let’s be perfectly honest; it is natural to feel dejected when we discover that our family disapproves of our unconventional career path. We feel disheartened because we expect the people whom we love to be proud that we have found the courage to embark upon a journey of passion and service that few dare.

It is paramount to our success, however, that we do not become discouraged by the lack of understanding we receive from the people with whom we are the closest. Always remember that throughout history, anytime an individual attempted to share extraordinary knowledge that they tapped into through unconventional methods, they were always met with pessimism and ridicule…at first. That’s why the old saying is true,The first person through is the bloodiest.” But another saying is equally true,The juice is worth the squeeze.”

As a spiritual entrepreneur myself, I am by no means the first, nor will I be the last, to rattle the rigid beliefs of family members while helping shift our current reality into a more conscious paradigm.

When we examine why our efforts are met with such resistance from the people whom we have known the longest, we find that they are viewing us through a fragmented lens of built-up memories…some good and some bad.

Often our family members feel that they know us the best simply because they have known us the longest. It is this type of faulty thinking that leads to confusion and lack of understanding. Clearly, trying to understand who we are in the present moment by observing us through the lens of the past paints us in an incomplete picture. This incomplete perspective creates a wavering vibration within the observer, making it virtually impossible for them to perceive us in the steady vibration of wholeness in which we now resonate.

Generally speaking, it is not the intention of these disapproving individuals to misinterpret our character. It is simply that they possess an ingrained belief system which filters out anything that contradicts its mold. They can only perceive what their beliefs allow them to perceive.

My studies have led me to the profound realization that humanity is indeed shifting away from the limited view of a fixed reality, a repressed design where the observer’s primary focus is on the observed. We have been living in a paradigm that neglects to recognize the paramount effect the observer has on what they are observing. Realizing both are interconnected, we are beginning to shift into a more expansive view, a fluid design where the observer IS the observed. This co-creative dynamic allows the observer to consciously create reality, not merely observe it as a fixed existence.

As magnificent as this shift is, it is difficult for some of our more traditional family members to embrace. Thus, when someone close to them chooses a profession that challenges their belief system, they become uncomfortable.

This discomfort makes it difficult for them to open their heart and mind to new possibilities. They subconsciously fear that if they reexamine their embedded beliefs, they may, in fact, discover that they are the creators of their own reality, and the way it is is simply a reflection of the way they are. To some of us this is extremely exciting; to others, it is absolutely terrifying.    

The good news is that we are now gaining insight on why certain individuals insist on holding on to old beliefs that no longer serve them. “YOU ARE THE UNIVERSE”, the latest book by Dr. Deepak Chopra, delves into this issue in great detail. Here is an excerpt from the book:

“Don’t bother me with the facts, my mind is already closed’. This is something we have heard so often that it is too true to be funny. What we are dealing with is self-created censors, mental watchdogs, that shut out certain information because it is personally unacceptable. This type of selective limitation makes it clear that the brain is extremely fallible when it reports reality. It accepts only the model of reality it was trained to accept. That’s why the worldview of a religious fundamentalist isn’t shaken by scientific facts, these facts simply don’t compute according to the model his or her brain accepts.”

I am sure we have all tried to share pertinent information with a family member and were met with resistance due to their brain’s specific model of reality. It’s important to remember that when we, entrepreneurs, branch into esoteric studies of conscious awareness, it literally challenges our family’s perspective of reality. Show them compassion, for their resistance to change is similar to a drowning person flailing and lashing out as a means of survival. Do not take their disapproving behavior personally, they are simply attempting to thwart our productivity as a means of sustaining the reality they’ve invested a lifetime buying into.

However, it must be noted that certain family members who are emotionally unbalanced will take it a step further. In becoming aware that their disapproving methods are not going to deter us from continuing on our chosen path, they suddenly come to the stark realization that they are losing control, and in that desperate moment, choose to attack our character with slander, ridicule, and gossip.

It is unlikely that individuals capable of such behavior are open to listening to such things as paradigm shifts and the evolution of humanity. However, if they possess a halfway open mind, it may be worthwhile to gently remind them that it is not necessary to attack the messenger. Nor is it necessary to view our leading edge practices in the field of conscious awareness as “cult”-like behavior.

We must recognize that every time humanity begins to shift into higher realms of consciousness, it always seems to be followed by denial, censorship, and outrage. We see this repeated throughout recorded history. Yet, I still find it odd when we hear family members of spiritual entrepreneurs complain that they are being bombarded by talk of paradigm shifts, vibrational reality, and conscious awareness. They ask, “Why are you doing this to me?” The key word here is me. These individuals perceive reality through the screen of the ego, the me. They fail to recognize that we are all part of the same mass consciousness. Therefore, nobody is bombarding them with anything, they are simply picking up on the mass conscious changes taking place on the planet…and that’s a good thing.

If they are open, try to help them see that this current shift in consciousness does not negate the teachings of the great world religions. In fact, the current message in this shift is the same taught by the divine master Jesus Christ, which is love, peace, and joy. We are being urged to look within and heal the fragmented parts of ourselves through self-forgiveness, and in turn, forgive others by realizing that we are all responsible for our own energy. It is also extremely beneficial to raise our vibratory rate with the use of daily meditation. Clearly, all of these things are positive, and if they would simply do a little research, they would discover for themselves that the current paradigm shift we are all experiencing on a global level is not only enlightening but is indeed based on verifiable data.

On a personal note, I must mention that I feel extremely fortunate to have been raised by two loving and open-minded parents. It wasn’t easy for them, but they always did the best they could to support my obscure career paths. I am forever grateful for their loyalty, but it also saddens me that they were also susceptible to the influences of certain close-minded individuals who looked down upon everything from the erotic to the esoteric flavors of life.  So be it; it comes with the territory. As leading edge spiritual entrepreneurs, we cannot expect to always be greeted with open arms when we are pushing the boundaries of reality itself.

Here is a powerful saying that will help provide peace of mind for anyone who is experiencing a manipulative, controlling family member: “When a manipulative person can no longer control you, they will try to control how others see you. This misinformation will feel unfair, but stay above it, trusting that other people will eventually see the truth, just like you did.”

Clearly, it is easier said than done, but we must not allow our families resistance to outweigh our own resilience. Nor should we allow their misguided accusations to make us feel betrayed by our own blood. We must forgive them and realize they are behaving aggressively because they subconsciously fear that if they open up to new beliefs, they will place themselves in danger of losing their identity, the me. Their ego will fight hard for its survival. The best thing we can do is keep our own vibration high, align with our desire, and live our lives peacefully and masterfully.

As I conclude this article, I would like to leave you with a gentle reminder on how you can inspire the people you love. Simply be the change you want to see in the world, lead by example, and always take comfort in knowing that the more you open your heart, the more receptive you become to higher densities of reality.

I send Love and Light to all the brave spiritual entrepreneurs who, in the face of adversity, remain centered, peaceful, and focused as they march forth with divine assurance.


~Daniel Pape


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