The Truth about ODD (Oppositional Defiant disorder)

Does the idea of being told that you must follow authoritative orders without any rhyme or reason go against your nature? Do you, or perhaps your child, have a strong tendency to disobey orders that are given by authority figures without first receiving a clear explanation as to why the orders should be obeyed? If so, you may be doing something much more intelligent than you were first led to believe.

Indeed, refusing to follow an order without first understanding its true objective is intelligent. As intelligent as it may be, however, there are many educators who are not primarily interested in intelligence, but rather obedience. A significant number are currently labeling students with a disorder called ODD if they refuse to obediently surrender their own innate intelligence and follow orders upon command.

Oppositional Defiant Disorder, or ODD, is a label that psychologists have invented to hang upon individuals, primarily children, who possess a defiant, independent nature. Thankfully, many leading edge thinkers are beginning to expose that defiant behavior is actually a healthy, normal, response mechanism that authority figures are promoting as abnormal. Clearly, expressing defiance does not necessarily qualify one as having a disorder. In fact, given the correct circumstances, it is not only intelligent but honorable to defy a dysfunctional system obsessed with control. Yet, it now seems that any individual, child or adult, who relies upon their own intelligence, rather than blindly following orders, is in danger of being labeled with this contrived disorder.

We must realize that defiance of a nonsensical order, which demands conformity, is not necessarily a negative trait, in fact, it can help develop integrity in one’s character if handled properly. Independent studies have shown that students with a high IQ and EQ quite brilliantly require that their own intelligence first support an order before they follow it.

The more adept one is at thinking for themselves the more they are aware of the necessity to rebel against anyone, authoritative or not, whose methods hinder their own innate intelligence. To be clear, I am not referring to outward authority such as law enforcement or academic studies, which can, when in balance, be a useful human construct. I am referring to a type of repetitive, inward practice, laid out by misguided teachers and authority figures whose primary goal is to impose their own will onto others. You would think defiance of such boorish behavior would be recognized as courageous, but sadly, individuals who refuse to give their sovereignty away are now being labeled with ODD.

It’s alarming, but not overly surprising, as to how many teachers, psychiatrists, and other routine minded authority figures are buying into the current trend of viewing ODD as a character flaw, rather than a character strength.

This is due in large part to their failure to recognize that intelligence is in motion when an individual refuses to follow an order without first understanding its true objective. It is not defiance but rather self–respect when one follows their own inner guidance system before blindly following the guidance of another. I am not saying that we should disrespect authority, I am simply saying we must respect ourselves before we can genuinely give respect to others. Once self-respect is achieved, our love and respect for all sentient beings flow naturally.

It’s important to recognize that in most cases ODD students do not actually resist or defy the disciplined pursuit of knowledge, in fact, they are hungry for it as long as they do not have to surrender their own intelligence in its pursuit. 

When we examine the true origin of the word “Disciple”, we find that it translates to “the one who learns”. And the word “Discipline”, translates to “the process of learning”. Yet today these words have a much more sinister meaning. “Discipline”, now translates to “obey the one who knows”.

This barbaric method of education attempts to indoctrinate the student into believing that the only path to higher education is found by following the orders of another. ODD students are much too independent and intuitive to buy into such nonsense. They realize that the genuine path to mastery starts with self-knowledge and conscious awareness.

Ironically, it’s quite possible that the true “defiance disorder” belongs to those who are obsessed with dispensing authority. In actuality, it is they who are being defiant by refusing others their right to free expression of thought. Perhaps it is they, the “power drunk”, who have the actual disorder. Suppression of Higher Intelligence Disorder, SHID.

Clearly, any figure, authoritative or not, who promotes obedience over individualism should not only be exposed as a tyrant but dismissed as someone who lacks higher intelligence. ODD students are aware of this, thus, when presented with a challenge, they insist upon being free to tap into their own innate abilities to find a solution. They are not interested in dumbing down their behavior in order to comply with a dismal class curriculum; they are interested in intelligence. They are willing to fight for their right to think for themselves before ever surrendering it to another. This is not defiance and arrogance; this is courage and integrity.  

I assert that the main reason individuals are being labeled with ODD is not that they possess an actual disorder, but because they possess clarity of mind. Our current power structure is terrified of this because when clarity gains enough momentum those who possess it begin to question the motives of those in charge.

When enough people wake up and shake off the herd mentality, we will arrive at the inevitable question, “Is it possible that authority figures are unethically fabricating labels, such as ODD, with the intention of convincing free-thinking individuals that they have an actual disorder?” Perhaps the answer has been right in front of our eyes for centuries, but we’ve been conditioned to ignore it. History repeatedly shows that corruption can only thrive when it keeps those it wishes to control in a constant state of fear and obedience.

Decide for yourselves, but as I conclude this article I feel compelled to mention that throughout history there have been countless, brilliant individuals, who blatantly defied power structures. Many were righteously recognized as Gods, heroes, and pioneers. Perhaps the greatest example was Jesus Christ, for He opposed and defied the high priests and power structures during his time on earth. Righteously, history considers Christ divine. Sadly, today our current education system would consider Him ODD.

Therefore, if you have ever been accused of ODD, take comfort in knowing that you are in good company. Value your independence, and above all remain confident in knowing that true freedom stems from self-knowledge, for self- knowledge leads to Universal Knowledge.

I will leave you with a fitting quote by the great Albert Camus in the hope that it brings greater clarity to my words.

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.”    


~ Daniel Pape


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