Daniel Pape is a Hermetic scholar, author and provoker of new thought. It is not his intention to share with you a set of conventional beliefs designed to help you reach enlightenment. On the contrary, his intention is to provoke you to examine your current beliefs and partake in a paradigm shift. A shift that will inspire you to question such fundamental beliefs as right and wrong or good and bad. His passion and primary focus is in teaching you to go beyond limiting beliefs, thus enabling you to use every experience as an asset for growth and self-empowerment.

Daniel experienced huge contrast at the age of 17, when his life took a drastic turn that led to death, destruction and darkness. He has spent the majority of his life studying Universal Laws and Hermetic knowledge in the hope of uncovering the deeper meaning behind this tragedy. Choosing an unconventional path, his professions have been as diverse as being the front man of a rock & roll band, song writer and actor in numerous international films of diverse genres, from the dramatic to the erotic.

Always one to break barriers, Daniel has used every phase of his eccentric life to unlock the power of transcendence. His unwavering persistence led him to discover something more powerful than he ever imagined and now he shares it with you.